seriously go vote for laverne cox in this like fuck does a cis man get more attention for a shit portrayal of transwomen than u know, an actual living transwoman

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I'm 19 and my girlfriend is 13, everyone shames our relationship but she's just the most precious thing ever :/
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okay look dude I know you don’t want to hear this

but you are 19 years old and you are dating someone who is 5 years younger than the age of consent in america. If you don’t think you’re going to at least get weird looks when you tell people this, I have some news for you.

but in time she’ll be 23 when he’s 29, number doesn’t really matter because of ageing and all, maybe just the timing?

the problem isn’t the age gap, I mean shit there was about a 5 year age gap between my step father and mother. It’s not the most extreme example but whatever.

The problem is that it’s a 19 year old legal adult dating a middle school aged child.

The probably with age difference in adolescent relationships is the rate of development. I agree that past the age of 24, a 5 head age difference isn’t a huge deal. But between 12 and 24 is when people are going through the hugest development. A 13 year old and a 19 year olds brain chemistry doesn’t even work the same. I’m not saying they couldn’t get along, but the hormone difference there is extremely significant.
I mean, you wouldn’t set a 2 year old up on a playmate with a 7 year old.
5 years is almost half of a 13 year olds life. The higher the age difference is compared to the age of the younger party is important.

My dad graduated from school when my mum was -born-

that’s real fuckin neato but the age difference isn’t the problem, the problem is that a legal fucking adult is dating somebody who should be in middle school like what is so difficult to grasp about this concept.

Ugh, why is everyone judging this relationship? You know nothing about these people except their age gap!

I’d like to point out that you reblogged this and mentioned the age gap being the problem when, on the response I posted literally right above yours, I say that the age gap is not the problem. The problem is IT’S AN ADULT DATING SOMEONE WELL UNDER THE AGE OF CONSENT AND DEFINITELY NOT DEVELOPED ENOUGH TO BE HAVING A SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP, ESPECIALLY NOT ONE WITH A LEGAL FUCKING ADULT.

Read. Please read. Go back to school. Learn how to read. Reading comprehension will save your life.

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This is called humanity



This is called humanity

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once a straight boy was tryina holler n he literally texted me the phrase “*turns into a wolf and snuggles your boobs*” like???? buddy you weird as fuck i wasnt interested to begin with but now im fuckin worried about you like what the hell

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Scene Queens: Where Are They Now?

Episode One

Holy shit.


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Thank you.

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TWENTY ONE PILOTS - 2014 MTV Movie Awards

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the a in lgbtqa should stand for allies, they deserve the recognition for defeating the axis powers and winning world war 2

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